“Brandon is an amazing teacher! He is patient, very knowledgable and creates a supportive and safe environment to learn in. I took pickleball lessons from him and will definitely take more lessons as he really focused on growing skills, strategy, understanding the rules and we laughed and we had a lot of fun while learning this great sport!”

Debbie • Saratoga, California

“Debi is a really great pickleball trainer. Whether you are just starting out or well on your way in pickleball, she’s just the ticket. She knows how to bring your pickleball game up to the next level and she is really nice!”

F. DeWolfe Miller • Honolulu, Hawaii

“If you want to learn how to play pickleball or want to improve your game, I highly recommend signing up for lessons with Brian. It was my first time ever playing pickleball and I had a private lesson with Brian who made the experience extra fun, enjoyable and not intimidating. It’s safe to say, pickleball is my new favorite way to exercise and sport to play!”

Alexa • New York, New York

“Michael is great. My daughter’s were very comfortable with him and they loved their lesson!”

Shawna • Alexandria, Virginia

“My wife and I look forward to our weekly private lessons with Matt. He makes learning fun and helps us build skills together as a couple!”

Carla & Brian • Sherman Oaks, Calfornia

“I really enjoy my lessons with Johnny. He showed me how to use the proper form near the kitchen when hitting a volley and controlling it. He provides me with really good drills throughout our lessons!”

Daisy • San Diego, California

“Brandon taught me, in an hour, what I hadn’t learned in 4 weeks of group classes! Very good, precise tips. Would love to take more classes with him!”

Bindya • Sunnyvale, California

“Brian has been giving me ongoing lessons for several months now in Largo and he is has helped me so much to enhance my game. He was able to assess my level and rate me so I know what level to enter as I am thinking of doing some local tournaments. Give Brian a call, he is awesome to work with!”

Stella • Largo, Florida

“This has been a very positive experience. Coach Robert is not only very personable and pleasant, but is very talented in being able to analyze the mistakes I make & gives specific recommendations to improve my game. This quality of teaching is unheard of at this price and in such a convenient format. Grateful for his help!”

Mark • Idaho Falls, Idaho

“Mike is very knowledgeable about pickleball and watches your overall stance until release. He also has a great personality which always makes the lessons more fun. Makes you keep coming back!”

Mike • Dallas, Texas

“Excellent in every way I can think of. David is incredibly qualified in all aspects of the game. He knows the strokes, the strategy, the biomechanics and conditioning!”

George • Bethesda, Maryland

“Anthony has really been helping me learn this awesome sport. I am a former tennis player transitioning into pickleball, and Anthony is able to use his tennis expertise to help me transition best to pickleball. He has great drills that imitate gameplay. I am developing a dependable third shot drop thanks to him!”

Colleen • Marlboro, New Jersey